A different kind of founding story

Most companies have a founding story about…well…their founders!

Ours is a bit different. Since we’re in the business of fixing banking for regular working Americans, our founding story is really a bunch of different stories, ones we heard over and over again and keep hearing new versions of almost every day.

Stories about affording flat tires, yes. But also about broken dishwasher. About the roof that needs fixing. About weddings, and how expensive they are, and how no one wants to go into credit card debt to have the dream day they deserve. Stories about credit cards that are maxed and unpaid and left alone like ticking time bombs. (Hint: they go off eventually!)

Hint: We think dream weddings shouldn’t take dream finances to come true…

Stories that are bigger than debt, too. About wanting to figure out how to save for retirement, or buy a house, or get the kids into college, somehow. Because even though we started with the Flat Tire Fund, we know that the solution to debt isn’t just more debt (even if an actually free payday loan is a HUGE step forward!)

The stories we hear remind us there is no silver bullet for building better finances. No one solution fits all. Not everyone will need a Flat Tire loan, and that’s great. Because that’s not the only thing we’re building. We’re on a mission to improve finances across the board for hard-working people everywhere, and that means building a bank that’s flexible enough to evolve and empower our customers as their finances grow and change.

So, yes to checking accounts. And savings accounts. And help from employers with long-term savings. And planning for vacations. Buying that house, or paying off student loans, or feeling ready to take care of college. Regardless of the goal, we’re in the business of partnering with employers to deliver financial solutions for employees that are truly out of the ordinary. Solutions that empower rather than trap.

Ultimately, this all circles back to stories. We’re into building solutions that enable our customers to tell different kinds of stories. Stories that don’t end with 29% credit card interest rates, or default judgements that affect credit history for years, or sad stories about hope for buying a house fading away.

We’re not Disney, and we aren’t building a fairy tale bank, but we do believe everyone should be empowered to tell better stories with their finances. So while we can’t wave a magic wand to make everything instantly better, we can build solid financial tools that enable hard-working Americans to tell better stories about their own futures.

Because keeping your dreams alive shouldn’t feel optional when you grow up

And we think those stories are what really matter…

Look for our next big announcement in the next few weeks!


Product @ Palolo

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A sassy startup on a mission to build a bank that gives you credit for the hard work you do!